Bar Stools: Seat Heights?

Bar Stools

Whether used as seating for a bar table or a kitchen counter, bar stools are good for saving space and adding a stylish touch. Here are some things to consider when buying bar stools:

  • Height. There are four different height categories for bar stools: table height, counter height, bar height, and extra tall. Here are the distances from the floor to the seat of each height category:

    • Table height: 45 to 48 centimeters

    • Counter height: 65 to 70 centimeters

    • Bar height: 75 to 80 centimeters

    • Extra tall: more than 80 centimeters

When choosing the right height for your table, counter, or bar, there should be around 25 to 30 centimeters of free space between the seat and the table, counter, or bar for your legs to comfortably fit. Many of our bar stools have height adjustment that make them suitable for tables and counters of different heights.

  • Number of pieces. Determine how many pieces you’ll need. There should be a distance of 15 centimeters between each stool. Measure the length of your table or counter and together with the width of your chosen bar stool, find out how many you will need.

  • Features. Decide on other features you want. We have bar stools with many different features:

    • Backrests: no back, low-back, mid-back, high-back

    • Seat: swivel seat or non-swivel seat

    • Armrests: with or without armrests

    • Seat material: leather, fabric, metal, plastic, wood

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