Dining Chairs: Comfort+Features

Dining Chairs

Make every meal enjoyable and comfortable by choosing the right dining chairs. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Seat material. We have dining chairs in a variety of seat materials: leather, wood, plastic, fabric. Wood and plastic are the easiest to maintain and clean, while leather and fabric provide both comfort and elegance. Wood may not be as comfortable without any seat cushion, but it provides a classic look.

  • Seat padding. It is best to get padded or cushioned seats if comfort is a high priority for you.

  • Armrests. Dining chairs with armrests may seem more comfortable, but they take up more space and may be a bit more difficult to get in and out of than dining chairs without armrests. They are suited for a more comfortable and formal look.

  • Backrests. We have both high-back and low-back dining chairs available. High-back dining chairs provide a comfortable and formal look, while low-back chairs are good for small spaces and more casual settings.

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